The Significance of Adobe Illustrator in the Field of Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular application that is mainly used to design. It is a vector graphics editor that lets you create as well as edit vector graphic pictures. Designs could be created with smaller file sizes that can easily be printed in top quality.

Needless to say, creating and also editing objects is a simpler procedure with Adobe Illustrator. Every graphic designer should join an Adobe Illustrator training institute in Noida and get some knowledge about this specific course. Here we have given some points below to know the significance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic design:

  • Making Illustration:

Interesting cartoon characters that are used as mascots for promotion or comics could be created in Illustrator easily. Using some flat colors especially for the cartoon characters is suggested and add some shading could be done by using gradient tool.

  • Creating Logos:

You must know that Adobe Illustrator is right suited for creating logos. Well, pen tools could be used to create shapes for those logos. Using attractive color combination, you can easily create a nice identity for an organization.

  • Drawing Maps:

Well, maps are essential to show a specific location. It is mainly important for travelers who will require the support of the right directions. Basically, in Illustrator, maps could be made using the pen tool and line to draw shapes and lines simultaneously.

  • Creating Icons:

With the powerful grid system of adobe Illustrator, you can draw icon graphics by using different shapes. You can fir rectangles, squares, circles, and many other shapes into a grid. This is quite easier to color and arrange them using tools in adobe Illustrator.

  • Scale to Size without Disturbing the Quality:

The best part about adobe Illustrator is that it can easily be scaled and resized without compromising the picture’s quality. It would never be inaccurate and the details would still be clear enough. It would have a great resolution, no matter how large you make it.

  • Making Infographics:

Let you know infographics show figures and statistics which are published in websites, posters, magazines, and newspapers. All these could be made in Illustrator. Pie charts and graph can be made by entering figures and data.

Adobe Illustrator is even great to create reusable components. This not only accelerates the workflow but makes the designs more consistent. Since we are heading towards more agile and responsive web, we would be using more resizable graphics. So, if you want to be familiar with all these tasks that an adobe Illustrator does, then you need to join an Adobe Illustrator training institute in Noida.