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ITBrainQ provides classroom training which, in a way, is better thanavirtual one. Training is given in a conventional manner using modern equipment i.e. smart boards, E-study material, live projects, and simulations etc. gives it a healthy jerk to make lesson comprehensible and engaging. It not only rationalizes knowledge, but also generates self-assurance and certain values towards work. We are specialised in providing Digital Marketing Training too.

The interactive environment gives chances of self-expression, alongside considering and understanding others views to act appropriately. Professionally grouped individuals getting trained at the same place pursuing the same thing in different manners driven by interest can restructure each other’s learning.

Lesser students, more individual attention

Smaller batches at Classroom Training Institute allow trainers to pay individual attention to all the students to bring out the best of them. The enhanced interaction suffices them with knowledge.

  • Adequate interaction among teachers-learners and learners themselves.
  • Individual attention on every student for appropriate learning.
  • Better understanding and problem-solving
  • Right organizing pace for course completion.

Quicker and accurate Sessions

An interactive session allowing peers interaction andteacher& learners interaction integrated with open discussion, project-based learning, not only facilitates learning but develop optimism for self-expression.

  • Adequatesessions with exercises and examples for enhanced learning.
  • Learned trainers explain things in easiest and best possible way.
  • Use of smart boards makes it quick and simple.


ITBrainQ Classroom Training Noida has well-versed trainers and counselors to judge the potential of the students to suggest them possible to approach their goal. The course content is developed in a sequential manner to acquaint the learners with all the subject complication.

Most effective learning strategy

The most effective form of learning is learning in the classroom, which requires effort and time to return significant rewards. Here, you can learn without distraction with a primary focus on skill development.

Practical experience over Theoretical learning.

The trainers at Classroom Training Institute Noida give special preference to practical learning which manages the practical understanding of the topics along with theoretical knowledge. This helps in core understanding, as you can learn the best with self-trail.

Expert Staff to endow perfection o your skills

To build a strong foundation and to prepare students professionally, ITBrainQ allows you to handle different tasks under the guidance of an experienced certified instructor. This helps you in building knowledge and alignment of learning with goals.

Queries Upshot for natural learning

All the queries are solved after the completion of the project instantly; those who want to learn are taught in the best way and are provided by superb guidance. All their question or difficulties are answered manually by trainers to avoid muddle.

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