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Digital Marketing Training Course for Online and Classroom

Digital marketing is coming highly in demand and professionals categorize digital marketing as an additional skill for enhancing business. It is the easiest and quickest way to interact with large number of audiences and get their attention towards our services or products over online platforms. ITbrainQ is providing best online and Classroom digital marketing Training. At ITBrainQ we focus to give our students as much flexibility they want for learning that is the reason behind our success as we are modifying schedules and syllabus for our students and merging with the latest technologies. Classroom and Online Digital marketing course gives a chance to career change and career enhancement for all the entrepreneurs, professionals, job seekers, and those students who want to make their career in this field.

Why Choose us for Classroom or Online Digital Marketing Course?

In ITbrainQ our professional teacher with working experience in this industry will provide you Classroom and online digital marketing training sessions as per your schedule. All strategies are used to offer excellent results for any business, company, and website. With the help of right professionals at digital marketing course, you will become an expert to utilize the best tools of digital marketing and you will focus on the best platforms available to get maximum customer for any company. Whether you want to start from the basics of digital marketing or you want to enhance your skill set of digital marketing techniques, we will keep you updated with the latest techniques and tools to offer excellent results for the success of any business.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Noida

As you know, digital marketing is one of the primary requirements for every business at the present time. It is not easy for any company to compete in the market without implementing the right strategies of digital marketing. If you start a business in any industry, digital marketing can make a big difference in its success or failure. The business owners required services of top digital marketing experts to find the desired results to achieve the success goals in any industry. In this kind of situation, you may grow your career as a digital marketing expert by completing the training at our institute in Noida.


We are here to provide the best environment for every candidate who wants to complete digital marketing training both online or Classroom in Noida and nearby areas. With a long time experience, we are able to focus on every smart strategy of marketing that can provide excellent results to your business clients.


All strategies are used to offer excellent results for any business website or company. With the help of right professionals at digital marketing training institute in Noida, you will become an expert to utilize the best tools of digital marketing and you will focus on the best platforms available to get maximum customers for any company.

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Best Environment to Become a Professional of Digital Marketing

At ITBrainQ, you will find the best environment to complete digital marketing training. At our digital marketing Institute, we focus on result oriented techniques and we are able to offer the best corporate training solutions for every candidate who is looking to make a career as this for a marketing professional.


Whether you want to start from the basics of digital marketing or you want to enhance your skill set of digital marketing techniques, we will keep you updated with latest techniques and tools to offer excellent results for the success of any business. By completing the training at our digital marketing training center in Noida, you will focus on all the platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords, Twitter marketing, mobile apps and much more to offer excellent results to every client.


We understand that everyone is not capable of finding a good institute near to home. Therefore, the option of online training is available that you can find as a good solution to complete this training at your home. We are always ready to serve you by offering best in class solution at our digital marketing training center so you can contact us whenever you have any query your concern regarding training.

Digital Marketing Course Modules Overviews

(Digital Marketing Course Modules for Both Online and Classroom Training)

Digital marketing is wide course and it has all the marketing strategies and tactics for enhancing the growth of any business. Modules are designed according to the weightage of each Topic and their importance because every module has its own consistency and right timing of completion.


Our pro trainers designed 28 digital marketing course modules for online and classroom both, after a lot of research in the field of digital marketing. Each week we cover few topics and lessons. We had modified the course of digital marketing in such way that students will find it easy to understand and can connect with practical environment. ITBrainQ trainers focus on both the aspects of knowledge practical as well as theoretical so students get both type of understanding about each topic.


• What is digital marketing?
• Why it is essential?
• Who is this course for?
• How to grow with digital marketing?
• 5 foremost Digital marketing tools?
• Assignment of the session

Market Research:

• Market Research Introduction
• How can market research improve digital marketing?
• Marketing analysis tools
• Google forms
• Get response to your survey
• Analyzing your survey result
• Assignment of the session

Keyword Research:

• What is keyword?
• Why are keywords important?
• Different types of keywords
• What are long-tail keywords?
• Using keywords on your page
• Introduction with keyword research
• How often should I do keyword research?
• Before keyword research, ask questions
• Keywords by competitor
• Tools for keyword research
• Places where you can find more keywords
• Assignment of the session

Creating Website:

• Building a website without any technical knowledge
• Best website creator online platform
• How to get domain and hosting at affordable price
• What is wordress?
• How to install word press
• Verify WHOIS information
• Understanding word press functions
• How to add word press themes
• Increase website security with plugins
• Activate free SSL certificate
• How to set up email address for your business
• Assignment of the session

Email Marketing:

• What is email marketing
• Creating mail chimp and outlook account
• Adding Opt-ins & pop-ups to your website
• Collecting emails through twitter
• Creating email campaign
• Writing effective email subject line
• Email marketing analytics
• Assignment of the session

Content or Copy writing:

• Introduction with copywriting
• AIDA formula
• Tips for writing well defined headlines
• Converting feature into benefits
• Adding (CTA )button
• Give feedback to customers
• Assignment of the session

Introduction with SEO:

• What is SEO?
• What are search engines
• How search engines work?
• SEO terms- crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving.
• Difference between different search engines
• Ranking factor of different search engines
• Google vs. Bing SEO factors
• Are search engines an important source of traffic
• Why is traffic from search engine is so valuable
• How do search engines work
• Google organic click through rates
• 5 SEO metrics tool
• Google search console verification
• Keyword research process
• Brainstorm keywords idea
• On page SEO
• On page check list
• Off page SEO
• Back links and off page checklist
• Local SEO for local business
• Assignment of the session

Facebook Marketing:

• Why facebook marketing is important
• Facebook page setup
• Creating facebook icon
• How to setup facebook cover page
• How to write description for your facebook page
• What should we post on facebook
• Tactics to get likes
• How to increase facebook likes
• Create competitions and quizzes
• How to create Facebook ads
• Joining facebook groups
• Why facebook live is important
• How to manage different facebook pages
• Facebook comment\reviews section
• Assignment of the Session

Twitter Marketing:

• What is Twitter Marketing?
• How it is beneficial?
• How to setup Twitter page?
• Whom we have to follow
• Profile optimization
• Analyzing twitter features
• What should we post on twitter
• How to gain twitter Followers
• How to use Hash tags
• Creating twitter Poll
• What is pinned Tweets
• Customer acquisition
• How to mention @
• Creating Twitter ads
• Analyzing Twitter with analytics
• Assignment of the Session

YouTube Marketing:

• What is YouTube Marketing?
• How to extend our YouTube ads strategies
• Analyzing competitor strategy
• Keyword Research
• Creating YouTube account
• Optimization of YouTube account
• Creating YouTube Thumbnail
• How to do YouTube SEO
• Creating YouTube Cards
• YouTube comments
• Managing Multiple Accounts
• How to earn money from YouTube
• YouTube helpful tool
• Creating YouTube ads
• YouTube analytics
• Assignment of the session

LinkedIn Marketing:

• What is LinkedIn Marketing?
• How is LinkedIn different from other social media platforms?
• Setting Up LinkedIn Account
• Making Connection
• How to message on LinkedIn?
• How to make Effective Post?
• How to write a great blog on LinkedIn?
• Joining LinkedIn Groups
• LinkedIn company page setup
• How to create LinkedIn Ads?
• How to implement it?
• Assignment of the session

Instagram Marketing:

• What is Instagram and how it is unique?
• How to set Instagram Business Account?
• How to Create a Effective Instagram Page
• How to write instagram Bio?
• Creating valuable content for viewers
• Posting Technique
• Following Important instagram accounts
• Increasing followers
• Instagram stories
• Using hash tags for instagram
• Mentioning on instagram
• Creating Instagram paid or non paid ads
• How to prevent from instagram Spam
• Instagram Analytics
• Assignment of the session

Pinterest Marketing:

• What is Pinterest and how Pinterest it is useful?
• setup Pinterest Account
• Pinterest Account to follow
• Optimization of Account
• Account Verification
• What is Pinterest Boards
• Pinterest Followers
• Optimization Printerest Page
• Creating Pinterest Ads
• Assignment of the Session

Quora Marketing:

• What is Quora?
• Marketing Strategy of Quora
• Quora Account setup
• How to create effective Account?
• Choose questions to write answers
• Analyzing client services
• How to write Answers
• Adding website Links
• Story Writing
• How to promote your answers
• Quora Business account setup
• Assignment Of the Session

App/Mobile Marketing:

• What is Mobile App Marketing
• How it will going to help you?
• Creating Mobile Marketing Strategy
• Analyze your audience
• Mobile Friendly website
• Techniques to promote your App
• App ads on social media platforms
• Paid ads for downloading Apps
• Assignment of the Session


• What is Blogging, Blog and blogger
• What is the purpose of a blog?
• Why blogging is so popular
• Blogging Platforms
• Blog structure
• Adding categories and tags to blogs
• Braiding of products through Blogging
• How to Create Captivating blog
• Monetization through blogging
• Assignment of the session

PPC (Pay Per Click):

• What is PPC?
• How it is desirable?
• PPC important terms
• Lead generation
• What is Google Ad word –[ with multiple subtopics]
• How to Create Ad word Account
• How to create Google console account
• How Google console is useful?
• Google keyword planner
• Google Tag Manager-[ with sub topics]
• What is Analytics?
• Tracking social media platforms through Google analytics
• Google Adsense
• Assignment of the Session

Google Algorithms:

• What is Google Algorithms
• Why we have to know this
• History of Google Algorithms
• Google Panda
• Google Penguin
• Google Humming Bird
• Google pigeon
• Google fred
• Google Rank Brain
• Assignments of the session

Ecommerce Marketing:

• What is ecommerce marketing?
• Types of Ecommerce Marketing-[sub topics include]
• Email Marketing for ecommerce sites-[sub topics include]
• Local Marketing
• Ecommerce marketing tips/ideas
• Generate Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM)
• Reviews
• Referral Marketing
• Testimonials
• Break down your strategy into small tactics.

Case Study Session:

• Business model of OYO
• Business model of Flipkart
• Business model of urbanclap
• Business of Macdonald
• Business model of Paytm
• Assignment of the Session

Affiliate Marketing:

• What is Affiliate Marketing?
• How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
• Affiliate market networks
• Why Be an Affiliate Marketer?
• Common Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels
• Tips to Help You Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer
• Assignment of the session

Interview Preparation/Freelancing

• Enhancing Vocational Skills
• Creating well defined resume
• Mock test
• Practical test
• Personality development Session
• How to get projects by freelancing

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Digital Marketing Placement

Live classes

ITBrainQ is also commencing live digital marketing training classes online for the students those are not able to attend classroom training due to timing and transportation issue. Our trainers will come live and give online classes to the students according to their suitable time rather than premade videos and even for online students, we give doubt sessions for solving their queries.


Customized Online Digital Marketing Training Session: ITbrainQ is one of the best institute for those who are facing the hectic time issues due to studies and jobs because as we arrange sessions for students as per their timing.

Doubt Sessions

We give specific timing for doubt clearing session for solving the queries and problems of the students, if any student gets any kind of doubt during the classes so our trainers provide extra timing for clearing each doubt of students as well as once in weak students get a specific day for only clearing doubts.


Importance of the online digital marketing training session

  • – Help in clearing queries
  • – Work on weak points
  • – Encourage inquisitive minds

Be a Self Earner

Due to Digital marketing, door opportunities and innovation have been open and you can also earn as a freelancer and can be self-employed. Freelancing is a greatest or significant way of earning and even you can manage multiple clients at once. ITBrainQ helps you to become a reliable self earner with your amazing digital marketing skills. There is an abundance of Freelancing websites from which you can take your own projects.


Some of Freelancing Platforms:
– Freelancer
– Upwork
– Fiverr

12+ Certifications

ITBrainQ will help you to become a certified digital marketing expert by allocating 12 main certifications of digital marketing course online which will make your portfolio strong and efficacious.


About Examination

  • All these certification exams are conducted by different authorities
  • All certification exams are free and online
  • Reexamination will be scheduled for the students who couldn’t clarify at one attempt
  • Our trainers will help in the preparation of all certification exams Benefits:
  • Help in getting kick-start career and get some of high paid jobs
  • Certifications will help you to work at the high professional’s organizations

Google Certification - Exam Conducted by Google Online and These are Free

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Digital Sales

digital sales

Shopping Advertising

Shopping Advertising

Google Ads

Google Ads

Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Interview Preparation and Job Placement

First time ever in any online digital marketing training institute we will prepare you for your interview round, which includes preparation of HR round, Technical round, and Final around. That will enable you to prepare appropriately for questions the interviewer is likely to ask. Students often get the problem of hesitation during the interview round so for rectifying this problem our trainers provide interview preparation sessions after the completion of the digital marketing course online.

Interview Preparation topics:

• Enhancing Vocational Skills
• Creating well-defined resume
• Mock test
• Practical test
• Most asked interview questions
• Personality development Session

We have collaboration with some of top companies which are seeking for fresh youth with great technical skills and communication skills and we will prepare you for both.

Digital Marketing Online Course Trainers

Our Digital Marketing Online Course Instructors are highly professional in their respective subjects; we arrange the classes in this way should be able to articulate different concepts in the simplest manners possible.

Frequently asked questions

Can I complete full digital marketing course in 2 months?

Yeah, we can complete the whole course within 2 months. we have different batches for different time course completion students.

Can I learn digital marketing online?

Yeah, ITBrainQ provides both types of classes classroom training as well as online training. Our Trainers come to live and teach you as per your schedule.

Is Digital Marketing a good career 2020?

Yes, digital marketing has become really popular in the last couple of years and you can find massive job opportunities in this field because now most companies are focusing over digital promotion and for that they recurring digital marketing experts

Do I need any kind of qualifications to learn this course?

There is no need of any kind of specific qualification for doing digital marketing. It is all about tools and techniques all you have to do is to improve you strategies skills and when you will start doing this course you’ll definitely find it easy.

Can you arrange weekend’s classes for me?

Yes. We have both options either you can choose weekend or weekdays batches according to your convenience thus it will not create clash in the timing of people who are working.

If I miss my classes so can you reschedule it?

Yeah due to any reason if you skip the class so we can reschedule it for you according to your convenient timing either we can arrange a separate class for you.

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