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We are the leading IT training institute flourished with core innovation.


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We prepare students to secure place and satisfy the various needs of IT firm/company.

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Thriving with innovative methodology and trainers, we train students in best practical manner.

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Graphic designing Training/ Course Institute in Noida 4.8 out of 5 based on 69981 ratings

Best Graphic Design Institute In Noida

ITBrainQ designed excellent graphic designing course that  provides the graphic design training to our attendees based on the standards of IT sector and Non-IT sector which is helpful for every job seeker candidate. We conduct the graphic design training programmers in our institute as per the need of current trend in the leading IT industry with the security of 100% job placement in the MNC companies.  We deliver to each candidate the statistics of advanced graphic design training course with the help of basic of graphic designs, practical training sessions and live projects those are demanding on current IT industry with the certification of graphic designs training in Noida it is a value for all time high as per the future prospect of any candidate not only in India as well as foreign countries also.


Our graphic designing Training center who is the best Graphic design institute in Noida have successfully trained more than thousands of candidates and we are able to develop ourselves as a best graphics designing training institute in Noida. We are also prepared the formation of course content as per needs of the attendee and our trainer offers the assistance for every aspirant it can help to select the preferred field. In our institute, we have designed best graphic design course and the certified experienced trainers who have the work experience knowledge of IT industry they conducted the training sessions of our attendees this can be fruitful for their future point of view for the clearance of Multinational companies interview.


Our graphic design institute all the trainees learn the skills of advanced graphic design course like Introduction of graphic designing, Designing with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and CorelDraw, Editing on Text and effects, working with layers and elements, and working on live base project simultaneously they learned the graphic design training with the assistance of 100% job placement at any IT industry in India as well as the foreign countries at very affordable fees.


In our graphic designing training center in Noida also provides the facility of campus selection for the job placement of each candidate with the teamwork of our higher association  these leading companies like as Wipro, HCL, TCS, Hindustan Times, etc. and we are also providing the foreign campus selection with the security of job placement assurance at very cheapest fees. In Graphic design institute in Noida provide the well prepared labs with high-tech infrastructure training who managed by the qualified or certified trainers have more than 7 years of experience to our attendees which is easily familiar with the professional trends and the job placement at the leading IT industry with the nominal fees and 100% job assurance.


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graphic design training course

Graphic Designing Courses

ITBrainQ is Proving Graphic Design Course in Noida and other regions which is designed as per the International companies’ requirement with Live Project. We are settled in this field since 7 ears and we are glad to apprise that many students got their career path from our institute Join Best Graphic Design Training Institute in Noida with 100% Job Assistance. ITBrainQ have a team of highly experienced professional’s faculties with more than 12 years of experience in Graphic Design and other related Technologies.


 UI and UX must be credited the most effectual and essential part in the website Without a great UX structure, your website, app or solution is likely to lose users and to irritate  those who are trying to navigate and find what they need to complete tasks, get information. If you are learning graphics you must understand that UI and UX holds own important in this field and we will train you this also.

Graphic Design Course Overview :

Courses of Graphic Designing Training:

ITBrainQ covers various topics of Graphic designing training courses.

The topics covered by us are as follows:

1. Introduction

a. Definition of Graphic designing
b. Why we use Graphics?
c. Software use for Graphic Designing
d. Types of Graphic Designing
e. Colors patterns and shades in Graphics
f. Use of Typography for designs.

2. Adobe Photoshop

a. Use of all Tools in Photoshop
b. Keyword Shortcut use in Photoshop
c. Photoshop size and ratios
d. Brush Tool effects
e. Filter gallery and blur effects
f. Pen Tool and Direct Selection
g. Layer Mask & Layers Panel
h. Blending Options
i. Font effects and Typography
j. Gradients
k. Vector and Raster Designing
l. Animation effects and Reflection effects
m. Gif creations
n. Logo and icon designing
o. PSD Templates and brushers

3. Adobe Illustrator

a. Use of Tools and layer Pannel
b. Mesh Tool &Path Menu
c. Pen Tool
d. Artboard Tool and Settings
e. Pattern Designing
f. Logo and icon designing
g. Rectangular Grid Tool in Illustrator
h. Illustrator Art-board Information
i. 3D text effect advanced in illustrator
j. Wrap Text in Illustrator
k. Envelope Distort Image Trace
l. Live Paint Introduction to Adobe
m. Illustrator Learn Gradients

4. Indesign CC

a. Introduction of Indesign
b. Adding Automatic Page Numbering
c. Keyword Shortcut use in Photoshop
d. Photoshop size and ratios
e. Brush Tool effects
f. Filter gallery and blur effects
g. Typography
h. Stylesheets
i. Effects and styling
j. Pages

5. CorelDRAW

  1. know the workspace and fonts
    b. Creating a simple report cover
    c. Using the toolbox/Using color
    d. Drawing and editing objects
    e. Creating a greeting card
    f. photographs in a motivational poster
    g. create a two-page newsletter
    h. Bitmap and vector effects
    i. Letterhead and data merge
    j. Creating a three-panel
    k. brochure for a student business
    l. Slideshow presentation
    m. Using scripts, macros to create a calendar

  1. We are the best institute for learning CorelDraw and Photoshop

Being proficient in different software has become an imperative quality that every working professional must possess. It is an essential skill that can help an individual climb the corporate ladder effectively. With the assistance of ITBrainQ, you can now work on and develop specific skills related to technical software such as Photoshop and Coreldraw. The sheer diversity of courses available at ITBrainQ makes it the best Graphic design institute in Noida.


The use and application of Photoshop in the graphic designing industry

Photoshop is a software that is used in multiple market segments, from design to architecture. It is a designing tool that can be effectively applied in web development, graphic designing, photography, animation, and construction design. The software is easy to use and offers a lot of benefits to the designer concerned. Thus, every aspiring candidate who wishes to make a mark in the graphic designing industry must have complete command of the software. With the expert assistance of ITBrainQ and the advanced graphic design training course, you can now become a master at editing and designing on Photoshop.


Photoshop is also being used by online content creators who wish to become successful influencers. Simultaneously, the editing and designing software is heavily preferred in the entertainment industry as well. Signing up with ITBrainQ, the best graphic designing training center, you can learn all the properties related to Photoshop within a few months.


The use and application of CorelDraw in the graphic designing industry

CoralDraw is perhaps the most popular and used computer application in the information technology industry. CorelDraw allows an individual to develop and design advanced 3D graphics with complete precision and convenience. Optimum features of CorelDraw include:

  • Designing Logos
  • Enhance SVG [Scalable Vector Graphics]
  • Draw with the assistance of Shape Recognition
  • Different Alignment for Texts
  • Snapping options
  • Symbol Enhancement, etc.


Here at ITBrainQ, we make sure that you learn all the fundamentals related to CorelDraw efficiently. Our dedicated and professional team will guide you every step of the way through every graphic designing course. ITBrainQ is the best institute in Noida as we chase excellence. We aim to develop elite graphic design training programmers who not only possess the knowledge but are also passionate in the field of graphic design. Get in touch with our team today to effectively gain complete command over Photoshop and CorelDraw.


  1. Learn Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is yet another designing software that is used to create drawings, artwork, and illustrations on different computer devices. The application is utilized in the fields of web designing, graphic designing, illustration creation, and developing visual art. Adobe Illustrator helps the designer by incorporating various shortcuts that save time and generates top-quality finish products in the long run.


At ITBrainQ, we will teach you all the fundamentals as well as advanced applications of Adobe Illustrator. Business organizations are in need of expert graphic designers that have received special training from top graphic designing training centers. This is where the services of ITBrainQ can be utilized productively. We have successfully collaborated with thousands of students from different corners of the country. Our company works with certified professionals that have several years of experience under their belt.


So if you possess the hunger to reach the very pinnacle of the corporate pyramid, then be sure to join hands with ITBrainQ, the best graphic design training institute in Noida.


  1. Learn Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a diverse tool that can be used flexibly as per the need and requirement of the concerned project. With the assistance of InDesign, an individual can edit images and create vector illustrations by the specific implementation of InDesign tools. The application helps you to formulate and design a fusion-based task involving text, color, and pictures with complete convenience. It is an ideal program that top designers rely upon when there is a need to create an image from scratch.


At ITBrainQ you can learn all the features related to InDesign under the tutelage of trained professionals. We make sure to give your creativity and ideas a platform through which you can express yourself completely. ITBrainQ offers a diverse range of advanced graphic design training courses that will help you to establish a successful career in the graphic design sector. Obtaining complete student satisfaction is the sole motive and objective of our organization. Learning InDesign has now become significantly easier with graphic design training offered by ITBrainQ.


  1. What are the job prospects of Graphic Designing in India?

The graphic designing sector in India is booming. People of India are now exposed to the age of the Internet and Information Technology. Thus, the demand for IT professionals in general and graphic designers in particular in the domestic market has reached an all-time high. Graphic designers are needed to develop websites, formulate and plan advertising campaigns, there is specific demand for graphic designers in the TV and Entertainment industry, Game Developer need expert graphic designers on their team, Logo creation also needs expert assistance from graphic designers, etc.


Thus, it can be safely concluded that the demand for graphic designers is limitless in the present Indian economy. Presently, we all operate on a digital level where the target audience is attracted by lucrative digital designs that can only be created by the best graphic designers. It is a great career option for aspiring young individuals that possess a keen interest in this field. Therefore, get in touch with the ITBrainQ team today and transform your career by signing up with the best design course. The institute offers training programs for various graphic designing software. This has made ITBrainQ the standard-setter among the Graphic design institute in Noida.

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